About Me

Look at what I have just found!  A page that is supposed to be all about me.  How totally cool!
However, I am not my favourite subject.  I prefer telling people about things that really matter, which makes me think that maybe, in the grand scheme of things, I really matter too.

About me, about me… What are my credentials? Well, I am a writer for one.  I’m also the eternal student.  I’ve done sociology, cultural and societal shaping (10 points to whoever guesses what that is), arts and humanities, religions and I am now on psychology and personal lives & social policy. I am an all round generalist – I know bits about lots of things in other words.

I am also an apocaloptimist. Basically, I think the world is going to shit, but it will all still be ok.  No doomsday scenarios, massive solar flares, nuclear attacks or polar shifts. I just hope the Age of Aquarius will bring with it a period of peace and enlightenment.  Very Zen of me isn’t it.

So yeah, I like to say things as I see them, or as they are to me in other words. You don’t have to agree with me. In fact, I encourage debate and if I say something somewhere that you know to be untrue, please tell me.  I know a lot, but I don’t know everything and life is one big learning journey.

That’s about it, really, hope you like reading the stuff I write 🙂

  1. Jo-Lo says:

    Oh and, if you want to contact me directly, it’s jolandemace@googlemail.com (don’t spam me please, I’m trusting you guys here!)

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