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It’s official, as from the 30th of August, you no longer have the right to squat in the United Kingdom.  That’s the last bastion of the sixties and seventies firmly trampled down and stamped out.  Why are you not allowed to squat anymore?  Apparently because other people’s homes are destroyed.  Jeez, do these people know absolutely nothing?!?!

What Is Squatting about?

Squatting is about believing that having housing is a human right.  Human rights are not things that we should have to pay for.  We don’t have to pay for air, for instance.  Squatters, as such, live in properties that don’t belong to them, because they believe they are entitled to live where they want to live.  I, for one, agree with them.  So what is all this nonsense about causing damage and destroying other people’s properties?

The Negative Side of Squatting

The problem is that whenever something is free, you get the inevitable freeloaders as well.  Freeloaders don’t understand the concept of squatting and just see it as a way to live for free and trash the place up.  As soon as it becomes unliveable, they move on to the next property.  This isn’t what real squatters do.  For real squatters, a squat is not a place to shoot up drugs, graffiti the walls and piss in corners rather than the toilet.  It is about executing the right to be alive and live in a sheltered place.

Why Squatting Is no Longer Allowed

As per today, if you are found to squat a property, you stand to spend some time in jail and you will have to pay a fine of up to £5,000.  Why?  Apparently because of the damage that has been done by the freeloaders (don’t you dare call them squatters, they are not deserving of that honourable title!).  Do we believe that the government cares about the state of people’s properties?  I think not.  So what is this really about?  Clearly, it is about the government not being happy about people living somewhere without paying their taxes.  If you live in a squatted property, you are not feeding the banks, the private homeowners, housing associations and the government with taxes.  That is the real problem, that is why squatters are no longer allowed to squat.  That is the top and bottom of it.

Let’s be real here.  What is needed is not for squatting to be made illegal.  What is needed is for someone to take on those bastard freeloaders and kick them to the curb until they understand what squatting is really about.  As for the government, there’s no government like no government so I say fuck you!