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A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to be invited along on an astounding adventure to Tanzania, to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Although these days, my approach to fitness has started to change, convincing me to exercise more enthusiastically a few times a week, back then I wasn’t much of an enthusiast for strength and good health. It won’t surprise you to learn that because of that, my decision to tag along on perhaps one of the most physically and mentally challenging expeditions I’ve ever been lucky enough to complete baffled quite a few members of my friends and family. Some of the most common questions I heard building up to the big trip were things such as: “Do you think you’re ready? Are you scared? Is it going to be hard?” Of course, giving honest answers to these questions can leave some people quite confused, as they expect positivity and certainty about such a massive decision. The truth is, I’m not sure there is a time in anyone’s life when they suddenly wake up and decide they’re ready to climb Kilimanjaro; it’s a huge and humbling experience that will change your life forever, and because of that, you can bet your life it’s going to be terrifying and difficult. I wasn’t remotely prepared, and I was definitely afraid, but there was a voice inside of me that whispered ‘Hey, maybe you can do this’, and for me, that was enough.

You might have come across the quote ‘If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try’ by Seth Godin, and this is a pretty good thing to keep in mind if you’re considering climbing Kilimanjaro. However, although risk definitely yields rewards, you need to make sure that you factor in some common sense and planning whatever you do in life. Whether you’re facing your fears or travelling to the top of a mountain, you should always pick the path that has the highest chance of bringing you success, even if it might take you a little longer, in the end. The one part of the trip I sometimes wish I could have avoided is when I was forced to scramble along a six hundred foot wall referred to as the Great Barranco. If you haven’t heard of this part before, then the best way for me to describe it is to tell you that I had to scoot, climb and drag myself along a sheer wall, telling myself repeatedly not to look down and catch a glimpse of the small creek at the bottom. Sadly, my curiosity did end up overruling my more sensible instincts, and I ended up glancing downwards about half-way through. Of course, that was a terrible decision, and I found myself latched to the wall, eyes closed, absolutely certain that this was the most difficult thing I would ever have to do. Even as my arms and legs seized up, I had to force myself to move forwards, as the only way out was to get through the experience. Of course, at the end, everything seemed worth it, I had achieved an accomplishment that would stay with me for the rest of my life, but sometimes I think I might go back and try a different route, just to see what changes.

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Mount Kilimanjaro was the most amazing experience Becky ever had the pleasure to have.  Added to this the fact that she was able to find interesting Day Out Trips from means that she truly had the experience of a lifetime.

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Just who is Mark Swift?

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Sheffield Anti-Fascist Network

A few weeks ago Mark Swift approached a member of Sheffield Anti-Fascists Network looking for info about the local EDL. He claimed that he was a long standing member of the anti fash in Sheffield and sent a friend request.

Now Sheffield, even though it’s a large city still has the small village feel where everybody knows somebody who knows somebody. It really isn’t difficult to check people out. A couple of phone calls, a few facebook messages to certain people and they all came up blank.

Marks profile which you can see here looks genuine enough. It dates back a couple of years and has likes and groups that wouldn’t be out of place on any anti-fascists page. Suspicions were strong enough that word was put out to keep Mark at arms length.

A few days later this screen grab started appearing on Yorkshire EDL sites.

mark swift edl grab

The bit that…

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Statistics on Child Labour

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Ian Bone


Loyal: Morrison with Baroness Thatcher in 1990
Sir Peter Morrison PPS to Thatcher and vice- chairman of the tory party linked to 600 attacks on boys in North Wales care homes over 20 years. William Hague was secretary of state for wales at the time and must have known – as must Thatcher.

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Pride's Purge

(Not satire – it’s the BBC!)

The BBC was left reeling tonight after it uncovered itself trying to cover-up a cover-up it failed to uncover of it trying to cover up allegations of a cover-up of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal.

The BBC’s uncovering of its own cover-up was uncovered by the BBC’s Panorama after it uncovered a cover-up by the BBC’s Newsnight which it is alleged was attempting to uncover a cover-up which was eventually only uncovered by ITV.

A spokesperson for the BBC tried in vain to explain what the f**k was going on:

All I know is that I’ve been ordered to explain that there’s been no cover-up whatsoever at the BBC. Apart from the one the BBC has uncovered tonight on Panorama of course.

In a related incident, the BBC has denied the BBC has accused it of attempting to hide from itself accusations that…

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Malatesta's Blog

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit a way to start the week!  Mr Tommy Robinson, alias Steven Caxley-Trousers, of the English Defence League has been right royally nicked for all manner of shenanigans and is currently living it up in HMP on the nonce wing for his own protection! After boasting all week about his ‘boy’s day out’ and murmurs about ‘arctics’ on Twitter Mr Tommy and 50 odd other ‘patriots’ were all arrested in the back of a van allegedly intent on sneaking into London to attack a mosque at the weekend. The fallouts of this latest fiasco are very interesting indeed!

Given the fact that EDL security is as watertight as an Andrex Wetsuit it is hardly surprising that they all fell afoul of plod who were apparently tipped off and thus apprehended the merry bunch of racists. Rumours are flying around at the moment as to…

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And this is how it’s done 🙂

the void

Militant actions by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and Boycott Workfare were the high points at yesterday’s TUC march which otherwise was depressingly reminiscent of the ever decreasing returns which demolished the antiwar movement at the start of the century.

Union leaders have repeatedly threatened campaigns of direct action or civil disobedience aimed at austerity which have never materialised.  Yesterday hundreds of people decided to ignore their speeches in Hyde Park and take part in the mass shut down of workfare exploiters on Oxford Street or  join DPAC in blockading Park Lane.

The Radical Workers bloc, called by Solidarity Federation, which joined the unofficial feeder march from South London, was well attended and spirited.  Determined and disciplined fitwatching along the route of the march ensured that police intelligence gathering was kept to a minimum.

On arrival at Trafalgar Square a large portion of the march outwitted the heavy police…

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