Just who is Mark Swift?

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sheffield Anti-Fascist Network

A few weeks ago Mark Swift approached a member of Sheffield Anti-Fascists Network looking for info about the local EDL. He claimed that he was a long standing member of the anti fash in Sheffield and sent a friend request.

Now Sheffield, even though it’s a large city still has the small village feel where everybody knows somebody who knows somebody. It really isn’t difficult to check people out. A couple of phone calls, a few facebook messages to certain people and they all came up blank.

Marks profile which you can see here looks genuine enough. It dates back a couple of years and has likes and groups that wouldn’t be out of place on any anti-fascists page. Suspicions were strong enough that word was put out to keep Mark at arms length.

A few days later this screen grab started appearing on Yorkshire EDL sites.

mark swift edl grab

The bit that…

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