Boycott Workfare – Charity starts… with charity organisations?

Posted: March 22, 2013 in anarchy, featured, politics, protest

The headline in the Guardian yesterday:

Jobcentre was set targets for benefit sanctions

• Inquiry launched after league tables revealed
• Leak shows pressure on staff to refer claimants

And, today, it seems that charities are playing right into that.  Charities, which exist to help the worst off have a better life.  Charities, where many of us shop and turn to for help, are the same ones that are now profiting – hugely – from the misfortune of the very people they are supposed to help.  Time to get something done.

Let’s start with the good news – the action people like yourself have taken in the last month has brought about positive change.  We mentioned Superdrug yesterday, but there are also six charities that have pulled out.  These are:

  • Sense
  • PDSA
  • Capability Scotland
  • Sue Ryder
  • The Red Cross
  • The Children’s Society

Don’t forget to tell them you appreciate the wonderful example they are setting.  According to Boycott Workfare:

This means the workfare schemes which rely on charity placements are on the rocks! Already before the latest withdrawals, the government complained: “The high profile withdrawal of placements from a number of larger charities meant a sharp reduction in placements.”

Today, we are targeting the charities that are still putting profit before people.  They are:

Lastly, there is Salvation Army.  They are doing all they can to keep this quiet.  I contacted them via Facebook ages ago, and it took them all of 2 minutes to remove my comment and block me from their page.  They have done this to numerous people now and have also started to flood their page with images, so that the comments of other people quickly disappear down the list.  Keep it up though!

Once again, here is a template you can use, although you’re welcome to come up with something yourself.

I object to your involvement in mandatory unpaid labour (Workfare) schemes. I believe that the exploitation of unpaid labour is morally wrong and urge you to reconsider your involvement with these DWP Workfare placements.

I would like to follow suit with other charities and make a public statement (press release) explicitly stating that you are no longer involved in any of the various unpaid labour or “work-for-your-benefits” schemes administered by the DWP or by private sector interests working on their behalf.

I would appreciate it if the issues I have raised were dealt with by someone in authority. I shall look forward to hearing your response to these concerns.

[Your Name]

  1. Yay! Boycott Workfare! At last! (too late?)
    – I have wanted something like this for over a year, unfortunately the people locally I proposed it to, the people who I was proud to work with on Disability issues (as I had with MbroUncut) were fucking anarchists (whoops sorry, dont mean to tar you all with the same brush!)
    I will qualify – they were laregly fucking “lets not think beyond this particular activity” anarchists, more than the fucking sectarian “ignore that nasty marxist” anarchists. I think it was more political laziness than anything else (this is the BEST slant I can put on it). Somethings are simply important and need doing, we can’t just fanny about letting things ride, then picking them up when we can be bothered (and worse, when the main impetus has passed by).
    Okay the “revolutionary socialists” are just as bad – the difference is that SOME oh-so-holier-than-thou anarchists quite rightly CONDEMN marxists for some things but they dothose very same things themselves – and are often even more guilty. Whats that bit in the bible about the mote in someone elses eye and the beam in your own – we all do that! (not excluding myself)
    its about time we got some HONESTY in our political relationships. Oh, sorry, that is totally unrealistic, I know… ah well, a man can dream.
    there are a few individuals here and there that make that dream seem possible…..


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