What Does it Mean – or Should it Mean – to Be Human?

Posted: October 21, 2012 in anarchy, peace and love, social
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As humans, we are a species.  We are mammals, and as such we have certain things, on a biological level, that we have to adhere to.  We have to eat and drink, we have to breathe etc…  However, we have a great amount of choice and we have free will.  We can choose not to drink any alcohol, we can choose not to eat meat.  These are all biological factors.  What I am far more interested in, is how we should behave towards each other.  How we should co-exist.

We Are Driven to Be Selfish

One thing that I notice again and again and again is that we seem to be driven more and more to only think about ourselves.  Some of these messages are subtle.  For instance, we know we need a roof over our heads to live comfortably, but have you ever thought why we need to have one house per family, rather than living in a commune together?  This is one of the many subtle messages that we are being exposed to, but there are also some far less subtle ones.

Take the culture of suing others for instance.  Say you have a car accident, a pretty minor one that just happened.  How quick will you be to run to the doctors, claim whiplash and claim some compensation on the insurance of the other party?  We are being told in popular culture and by the media over and over again that we should do this.  It is our right to sue someone, it is our right to amass money.  In fact, we need money, otherwise we are nobody.  But by suing someone, you are suing another human being, a human being that also has a life and feelings.  If this was just an accident, and accidents happen, how can we be so mean and cruel to our fellow humans?  Because we are desensitised to the plight of other human beings, that’s why.

A good example was given to me a while ago: if you walk past a dead body, you will probably be shocked.  But how many dead bodies along the way will it take for you to no longer be shocked?  That is desensitisation and that is what is happening around us all the time.  And it’s scary.  It’s scary because it means we have gotten so used to hardship in others that we don’t even see it anymore.

Another good example for me is authority.  We always have people in authority, but why is that?  For me, it’s an element of trust.  People in authority don’t trust others to make the right decisions.  People who need a figure of authority don’t trust themselves to make the right decisions.  Because of this, like sheep, we look towards a leader who tells us what to do.  And if this leader tells us that we need to think about number one first, and no one else, we do it.

What Should it Be Like?

I personally believe in co=existing.  We are here together, we share this planet, we have lines that link us all together.  Why not nurture those lines?  Why not be there for each other?  If I have something you don’t, why can’t I just share that with you?  No doubt a time will come that you have something I need and you can share it with me.  Why don’t we live together, help each other take care of one another?  Why aren’t we co-existing as humans?

This isn’t about privacy.  Everybody is entitled to privacy.  Everybody is entitled to have a space for themselves, some time to just be with their self.  We are, after all, individuals.  But is there any need for us to be so individualistic?  I personally believe in community.  I believe in helping people who need my help.  And I don’t give this help because I may need help back at some point.  I hope beyond hope that I will never need help.  But I also believe that if the time were to come that I do need help, someone will be there for me too, because that is how a community works.  That is how we should all co-exist.  Instead of focusing on our differences and using them to elevate one belief or behaviour above another, why not celebrate differences and use these differences to learn more?


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