Meditation, to me, is the ultimate form of relaxation.  I strongly believe that I have much of my good health (touch wood!) to thank to meditation.  It allows me to make a conscious decision to just leave behind the stresses of the day and think of nothing but my own spirit and its place in the universe.  That sounds really big, doesn’t it?  But that’s exactly what I like about meditation, it allows me to become aware of the fact that I am so tiny in the grand scheme of things, but that I am no less important than any other molecule or particle in the universe.  And that this is true for each and every individual cell in the galaxy.  Ok, I haven’t been able to make this sound more graspable, have I?  That doesn’t matter.  The point is that by meditating, you will feel calmness, a sense of belonging and a great awareness of yourself and the world around you, eventually expanding to outside of the world around you as well.

Learning How to Meditate

Now, I am sure someone somewhere has written a book about exactly how to meditate.  I’m sure, as well, that this book will cost quite a bit of money.  You won’t learn how to meditate by reading a book.  You learn how to meditate by doing what feels good about you.  I have been on numerous meditation classes (free ones!) and have picked little bits of each to get to the point that I am now.  What I have come up with is my own method, and it works for me.  That doesn’t mean to say it also works for you of course.  Experiment.  Find some guided meditations on YouTube, look for hints and tips on the internet and just try it out.

I personally love meditating myself to sleep as well.  Some people think this is very wrong, that it is normal to fall asleep when you are learning to meditate, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you shouldn’t fall asleep anymore.  I don’t know, maybe they think you miss something important when you’re asleep or something?  For my own part, I love it.  I have the most vivid dreams, in which I can really let go of all the stresses of the day and I wake up refreshed and invigorated.  In fact, for personal reasons, I haven’t been able to meditate lately, and I have had nightmares every single night.  Hopefully I will be able to start again soon, because I seriously miss it…

It’s All about Awareness

In all the classes I have followed, all the articles I have read and all the guided meditations I have done, one thing that comes back again and again is that you have to start by becoming aware of your body and its place.  For me, this means opening my chakras and becoming aware of anything that my skin touches (the fabrics of my clothes, the seat of the chair, the air around me, the weight of my blanket and so on).  What it means for you is up to you, but with me, I find this is what helps me to stop my mind’s natural overdrive because I am focusing on just one thing.  After that, it is about enjoying the feeling, enjoying the silence and just, for once, not thinking about anything.  No answering questions, no planning ahead, no stressing about money, school runs or other problems.  Just being.  Being still and relaxing.

That’s it for me, hope it helps you as well.

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