What Are You Grateful For?

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Fun, peace and love
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As I am sitting here in the freezing cold, listening to yet another Conservative party conference in which the poor are getting trampled on and the rich are getting richer, I figure I would make a little change from the norm.  Sure, it’s freezing cold out there, but the sun is also shining.  Sure, the Conservatives are spewing their usual gall, but I can just stick some music on right?  No, I’m not digging my head in the sand and ignoring the problems that exist in the world.  But I am, just for a moment, focusing on things that make this world an amazing place to live in.  Let’s take a look at things I am thankful for, at the risk of sounding like a Thanksgiving dinner guest…


I am so grateful for art.  Art is beautiful.  No, not all of it is beautiful, but that is a matter of taste and opinion.  You can’t argue about taste and you shouldn’t.  Something that you think is beautiful is something that will make you feel good inside.  So, I personally think Dali is amazing and Picasso is a load of crap, but if you love Picasso and feel what I feel when I look at a Dali, then good on you for liking the cubist weirdo.  Art is an expression of feelings and it is a little window into the soul of the artist, she or he wants us to feel a little of what they feel, see a little of what they see.  It’s amazing.


Music, to me, is the universal language.  Screw maths being the universal language, it is definitely music.  You can’t feel sadness, happiness, anger or any other emotion by staring at the theory of Pythagoras or at some sort of algebra equation.  No, the universal language is definitely music.  Music has the power to move people, both physically and emotionally.  Music gets people to listen to a message, sing along to the words of a song they like.  Sure, there is some seriously crap and commercial stuff out there, but I’m focusing on the good stuff right now.


I am hugely grateful for love.  What would the world be without love?  Love for my family, love for my friends, love for the world.  Love for culture, love for experiences, love for learning.  Love truly is what makes the world go around.  We make almost every decision in our lives based on love.  You have a job because you love to live comfortable, or because you love the work that you do.  You choose to eat a carrot because you love the taste.  You travel the world because you love different cultures.  You stay at home because you love spending time by yourself or with your family.  It is all about love, every decision you ever make is made because you try to avoid what you don’t love as much as possible.

These are but a few of the things I am grateful for, and I would be happy to hear some of yours.

  1. art, music, love… and coffee!! (-:

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