My Vote For No Confidence – Add Your Own!

Posted: October 8, 2012 in anarchy, politics
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I, personally, am sick to death of the coalition government, even more so now that the conservatives are going to be making more cuts to tax the poor and benefit the rich.  So, I have written to my local MP to ask him to put in a vote of no confidence.  I would like to ask anybody in the UK that also has some serious issues with the coalition government to do the same.  You can find your MP and enter the email I sent (change your name, obviously) by going to this website.  I will keep you up to date in terms of responses, please do the same!

Dear Alex Cunningham,

I would like to enter an official vote of no confidence in the current coalition government. I have various reasons for this, including but not limited to the fact that no citizen of the UK has voted for a coalition government and the fact that, once again, the divide between rich and poor is being made bigger, particularly by taxing the poor and giving tax breaks to the rich. I feel I don’t need to explain this to you as you have always seemed to fight the corner of the working man.

My initial idea was to enter an online e petition through the government’s official website. I was very interested to see that when searching for “no confidence” (or “no confidence in current/coalition government”), a range of petitions are shown. None of these, however, show that the British public have no confidence in the government that represents them, but rather look at specific issues. Interestingly, approximately 8,200 petitions that request specifically a vote of no confidence in the current government have been rejected on the basis that this petition is already running. Either the powers that be that run the website don’t actually read the petitions, or the government is putting obstacles in the way of democratic voicing.

I would appreciate it if you could either tell me how to enter a vote of no confidence through the official channels, or if you could enter this vote on behalf of what I am sure is a good 99.9% of the residents of Billingham.

Yours sincerely,

Have fun and let me know what happens and I will do the same!

  1. Jo-Lo says:

    Here’s the reply I had from my MP. Note the link to the relevant e-petition and please, please (!!!) sign it. Thanks 🙂

    Hello Jolande,

    Thank you for your email. I am proud to say that I have voted against this heartless and hopeless Tory-led government on everything from giving a tax break to millionaires whilst cutting tax credits for hard working families, to the dismantling of the NHS and I am doing all I can to ensure they do not get a second term in office.

    With regards a vote of no confidence, I have spoken to the relevant authorities in Parliament and they advised that the best thing for you to do would be to create or sign an e-petition indicating your desire for a vote of no confidence. Having had a quick look, the below petition is very much in line with your views

    While it would be possible for me to put forward a vote of no confidence, as a backbencher the Government would not be compelled to debate the issue with me and therefore would simply ignore it.

    I hope you find this useful- if I can be of any further assistance with this, please do let me know. And a great way of becoming more politically active would be to join the Labour Party and of course, please do remember to vote Labour at the next election which is the surest way of stopping the Tories and Lib Dems getting into power!

    Best wishes


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