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Powerful stuff – can we change things?

the void

Inside Housing this week reports on the tragic case of the child of an asylum seeker who starved to death due to ‘significant problems’ in providing welfare services for the family.

In a chilling portent of what is to come for those with children whose benefits are sanctioned under the upcoming Universal Credit regime, the family had been forced to rely on ‘ad hoc’ charitable handouts.  Increasing numbers of families are already dependent on food banks and charities to feed their children.

This case, whilst exceptional, highlights the very real poverty faced by those seeking asylum, despite the endless lurid headlines attacking benefit scrounging immigrants.  Last year the government scrapped the funding for the Refugee Integration and Employment Service which provided support for those seeking asylum.  The sad death took place before these changes,meaning the situation for refugees has got worse, not better since these cuts.  Details of the cause…

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