Mermaids Are Real!

Posted: September 21, 2012 in controversy, peace and love
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Say what?  Yes, you heard it right, mermaids are real.  I watched a documentary last night called Mermaids: The Body Found.  It is a seriously fascinating documentary, and I am now convinced.  Of course, at the end of the documentary, it says that it was a dramatization, but then they are bound to say that.  I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but when you hear what has happened, you too will think that “they” ARE in fact bound to say that.

Beached Whales

It all started with whales beaching themselves in the San Francisco Bay.  This was strange in itself, but it does happen.  In came a team of three scientists from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) attend the beach to determine what has happened.  What they notice is that all of the beached whales and dolphins have serious internal damage and they believe the only thing that could have caused this is naval sonar testing.  Writing to the navy, they get brushed off (surprise, surprise) and they know that the only way they can force the navy’s hand is by discovering a new species.

Next, another beaching takes place in South Africa.  The team travels there and find a shark whose stomach has some unusual contents.  It is a partly eaten skeleton.  Some bones, some skull fragments, some organs and skin and so on.  The team set out to work on this skeleton, believing it to be some sort of marine mammal.  However, whichever piece of the body they study, the more they notice that this is like no other marine mammal they have come across.  Yes, it has characteristics of seals, dolphins, whales and even manatees, but it isn’t actually one of those creatures.  With much research including a reconstruction of the skull fragments that they have recovered.  Their discovery is that this is actually a mermaid.  Wanting to tell the world about their discovery, and stop the navy’s solar testing, they set off to leave South Africa.  As they arrive at the lab, however, they are stopped.  Their visas are taken back, all their equipment and results are taken off them and they are sent away empty handed.  Later, they receive a letter from the South African government with the results of the DNA testing they had requested.  The results came back as being contaminated with human DNA.  But were they contaminated, or does this further prove their point that the mermaids are actually descendants of early humans?

One thing did not get taken away by the government, however, and that is the so called “bloop” sound.  This is the sound that has been recorded in very deep waters and that does not belong to any known marine animal.  The bloop has been recorded at the site of the San Francisco Bay beaching, as well as in South Africa.  Was this the noise of the mermaids?  It has been analysed by language specialists and they have found that the bloop noise is actually a language and that it is communicating with the dolphins and whales that can also be heard on the recording.

The scientists discovered, through the beaching patterns, that the mermaids travel with the whales, following their migration patterns.  They start following these routes themselves and play the bloop sound in the water, in the hope of getting a response.  And they do get a response.  From the local coast guard.  Without a word, their equipment is taken away, their recordings are taken away and they get sent off with a firm warning.

The Evidence they Have

Now, I am not keen on conspiracy theories in general.  I think it is more important to solve problems that we know for sure are here.  But this one is different.  This one, I think, is real.  It isn’t just a story with random information.  There is real evidence, not just in the bloop noise.  Not just I the fact that we know whales have beached where the scientists say they have.  Not even just in the fact that the documentary regularly shows actual footage.  Even the fact that from an evolutionary perspective, it is very much possible that this has happened (look at polar bears, who are evolving into marine animals for instance, as well as other creatures that have come out of the water and started to live on land).  In fact, even the fact that the government is trying to hide this from us wasn’t a main factor to take into consideration.  What really sealed the deal for me was the historical evidence that has been found.

There is also evidence from a boy who filmed the site of the San Francisco beaching, where a strange creature is seen.  And then there is the video evidence of fishermen catching something in a net.

The Historical Evidence

First of all, mermaids are mentioned by all the great seafaring nations in history.  The Chinese, the Vikings, the Greek, all of them.  None of which had any contact with one another.  And they all made drawings of the same thing.  The biggest one for me, however, is the cave drawings found in Egypt.  These, drawings, as you can see, depict what looks like a battle between land humans and mermaids.  The drawings are thousands of years old, similar to cave drawings found in prehistoric caves.  That, to me, is almost conclusive.

The End of the Documentary

At the end of the documentary, it seems that out the three scientists, one has become consumed with finding evidence of mermaids.  He is travelling the world’s oceans trying to find evidence.  The other two have stopped the search.  All three have quit working for NOAA.  NOAA’s official statement is that there is no evidence at all of mermaids and that the documentary is just a story, based on a few little bits of some sort of evidence.  They admit that there is evidence to suggest the navy is conducting sonar experiments.  They also admit the bloop noise is real.  The rest, however, they say is a fake.

The two other scientists have agreed to stop their search.  They haven’t been coerced in doing so.  They just feel that as humans, we don’t have the best track record of coexisting with other species and sometimes, as much as science wants to know the answer, humanity is more important.

So yeah, for once, I will join the conspiracy theorists and say “they are bound to say that”.  I’m convinced, are you?


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