Restore your Faith in Humanity

Posted: September 18, 2012 in controversy, peace and love
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It is all doom and gloom isn’t it?  We are bombarded on the news about stories of wars, terrorism, shootings, muggings, murders and all sorts of doom and gloom.  We can’t turn one way without seeing some sort of religious fanatic telling us we are all going to die, or turn the other way without some bigot telling us all women should get back in the kitchen and all foreigners should be kicked out.  With all that going around us, it is hard to see that there is still some real beauty in the world.

Be Careful of the Media

You need to be seriously careful about the media.  Don’t believe in all this bullshit about them wanting and exerting freedom of press.  There are very few news bringers that actually do this.  Most of them are state owned and/or controlled and you will get told what the governments want you to hear.  Oh dear, more doom and gloom?  Yes, but only for one more minute, it’s just to set the precedence as to why I felt this article had to be written too.

Ok, we live in a society where we are conditioned to think about no one but ourselves and are nearest family.  A sense of community has long gone out the window and the government, financial systems and media (really all one and the same thing) want us to be selfish and egoistic.  This is one of the reasons as to why you are exposed to so many stories of doom and gloom.  It is done to make you think there is no point being nice to anybody, because they’re only going to stick a knife in your back as soon as you turn around.

The World is Beautiful

Take the blinkers off, don’t believe everything you hear and see on the news and take a real look around you.  The world is a beautiful place and not just in the fact that we have gorgeous countryside, beautiful animals and sunsets/sunrises that are picture postcard perfect.  No, the world is a beautiful place because beautiful people who do beautiful things live in it.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that happen around you.  Things of optimism and positive thinking.  Things that you will never, not in a million years, see on the news.

Restore your Faith in Humanity

There is a beautiful story of a pizza delivery girl. Bear in mind that if you work for a pizza delivery company, you get paid absolutely zilch and your customers don’t give a rat’s ass about you.  This particular girl, however, knew that once a week, she would deliver a pizza to an elderly lady.  The elderly lady had never given her a tip (she hadn’t been nasty to her either by the way), but she was a regular.  One day, she didn’t order.  The pizza delivery girl drove to the house, found the lights on but got not answer to her knock.  She phoned the  emergency services and found that the old lady had nearly died.

Another story is of a man in Dubai.  He saw a young boy struggling in the sea.  Nobody seemed to be paying attention to the boy who was clearly in distress.  The man had just been stung by a jellyfish and was in serious pain himself.  He went in and got out the boy, who turned out to have been drowning.  His parents were sleeping on a sun lounger nearby.

There are many other stories like this.  Here’s a challenge for you.  There is likely to be something you did that was as selfless as selfless can be (the “is there such a thing as a selfless act” is a debate for another time).  Tell me what your selfless act was and ask your friends if they have any examples.  Social media is a powerful tool.  Simply ask on Facebook if someone can give you an example of a random act of kindness.  If you want to restore your faith in humanity, simply read their responses and you will be amazed.


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