Idiotic and Strange Laws that Are still Enforced

Posted: September 14, 2012 in featured, Fun
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Ah the law!  Here to protect us from doing bad things to others.  The blindfolded lady justice weighing up whether something is illegal or not.  It sounds like such a great idea, doesn’t it?  A rule book that basically states what we can and can’t do and what will happen if we do something that we shouldn’t be doing.  But laws are hazy and they vary not just from country to country, but also from area to area.  And then, there is the whole question of who the people who enforce the laws actually are.  Then, there is the issue of the amount of time that is spent coming up with new laws, some of them absolutely insane.  There are some really idiotic laws out there, which a quick Google search will reveal.  But how many of these laws are still enforced?  Let’s take a look at some of the stupidest laws around that are still being enforced.  Feel free to add your own personal experience and perhaps you can come up with some laws that don’t exist but should?

My Personal Experience

I have only broken the law (and got caught) once.  I was crossing a road in Belgium in the middle of the night.  The roads were empty, but the little man was on red.  And I crossed.  And I got caught.  Not so much an issue, were it not for the fact that I was slightly drunk and still very young and cocky.  I got stopped on the road itself and got told to move back to the start point.  I refused, thinking I was being ever so funny, by saying that the little man was on red, so I wasn’t allowed to move.  That earned me a fine.

Stupid Laws

My own personal stupidity notwithstanding, there are a number of laws that are seriously dumbass and are still being enforced.  For instance:

  • In Woburn, Massachusetts, it is illegal to stand while also holding a drink.  This is really hard to get around, unless you grab your drink from the guy or girl who’s serving it and start walking straight away.  The way they get around this is by ensuring only waiters can bring you your drink from the bar to your table.  And yes, this law is enforced and you will actually see signs notifying you of this in most Woburn bars.
  • In North Carolina, if a man and a woman live together in a way that is “lewd and lascivious”, they can be fined $1,000 and they can receive sixty days in jail.  And yes, this law is still being enforced!
  • In the United Kingdom, the Act of Settlement is still being enforced.  This act means that the current monarch (or her family) is not allowed to marry a Catholic.  The way around this is for the Catholic suitor to convert to another religion.  Yes, a Jew, a Muslim or even a member of some occult cult is able to marry a royal in the United Kingdom, just not a catholic.
  • One law that hasn’t been enforced in many years but has seen a revival in recent years, particularly in the feminism community, is the rule pertaining to pregnant women.  Basically, a pregnant woman is allowed to pee wherever she wants to and if she asks a policeman for his or her helmet to pee in, they have to allow her.  Give it a try and let me know your experience (please!).

There are many other silly laws, most of them not enforced.  But it is always funny to see some of these bizarre laws that are still actually used.  If you know any, please let me know.  And please, if you do something that falls under any of these laws, make sure you say, in your best Sly Stallone voice, “I am THE LAW”.

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  1. Alan McGinn says:

    Within the city walls of York, England, it’s still legal to shoot a Scotsman with bow & arrow, but not on a Sunday. I’m Scottish; I watch my back when I visit York; even on a week day – you never know what nefarious thoughts these strange Englishmen harbour.

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