Frank Zappa’s Illusion of Freedom

Posted: September 11, 2012 in anarchy, controversy, peace and love
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Frank Zappa was always going to be a controversial character.  He was a composer, a singer, a song writer, a guitarist, a recording engineer, a producer and a film director.  Someone as busy as that is bound to have some critics running around saying that this is only possible when consuming copious amounts of drugs.  It’s probably true that Zappa used huge amounts of drugs, but there’s nothing really wrong with that now is there?

What Zappa’s Career Has Given Us

Thanks to Zappa, we have fantastic pieces of jazz, rock and concert works.  He has made some fantastic feature films and designed many album covers.  He brought us art in music and image and we should thank him for this.  He basically managed to combine real classical music, with influences such as Stravinsky and Weber, with rhythm and blues through his drums and electric guitar.  Best of all, he was completely self-taught, which makes it so hard to place his music into some sort of box.  But then, why do we need to categorize everything?

Zappa’s Iconoclastic View

Zappa had well defined and outspoken views on political processes, organised religion, mainstream education, social movements and social structures.  He fought for freedom of speech, strongly believed in self-education, wanted censorship to be abolished and felt that everybody should participate in politics.  One of the things he talked about was the Illusion of Freedom and this is seriously current again today.  It seems as if when Zappa died, his statements on the Illusion of Freedom died with him.  I say they need a revival!

The Illusion of Freedom

According to Zappa, the illusion of freedom is going to continue, so long as it brings a profit to those creating the illusion.  Once it becomes too expensive to maintain the illusion, the scenery will be taken down, the curtains will be removed, the tables and chairs will be moved out of your way and you will see what has actually been in front of you all along. What does this mean to you?  Take into consideration, for a minute, that we live in the worst economic depression since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Indeed, economies crash and rebuild every seven years, but never to this extent so what has gone wrong?  What about the fact that suddenly, we are seeing more and more people interested in conspiracy theories like the New World Order, the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati? It seems people are so incredibly disgruntled with what is happening around them.  Does this mean that the illusion is becoming too expensive to maintain, or are we clueing up to what is going on around us and are we getting sick of all the crap around us and just having to take it?  How tired are you of the culture of fear that we seem to live in?  Have you noticed that the more were are made to fear the unknown, the more ready we are to give up social liberties?

For instance, try applying for a passport nowadays.  The amount of details they need of you – including your fingerprints by the way – is unreal.  Then, when you come to use your passport, you are restricted on what you can carry with you.  You are patted down to check whether you are not carrying something untoward (like a bottle of breast milk).  And we accept this?  Why, because we are told that everybody is a potential terrorist and it is for your own protection.  Do you actually listen to what that means?  That means you are seen as a potential terrorist.  Do you feel safer at an airport when you are patted down by little boys barely out of their teens with huge automatic rifles?  I don’t.  So why do you accept it?  THAT is what the illusion of freedom is.

  1. Ok I want to call a truce. I know I haven’t been your greatest fan in the past but this post has got me feeling more respect. Nice work. Still waiting for you to write something cool about the royal family being reptilians though lol… Going to be tough to beat Michael Nunn with his post about Prince Harry being a lizard. Now that’s a funny post. Cheers anyway, keep up the good work.

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