How a peaceful protest nearly got me barred from the town centre

Posted: September 8, 2012 in anarchy, controversy, featured, peace and love
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Sounds made up doesn’t it, the title of this particular entry? But it is very true! I was watching an episode of The Revolution Will Be Televised (an absolute must watch, by the way) and found out there are a number of stores that are conveniently based in Monaco or Switzerland, where they don’t have to pay taxes. Two of those stores are located in our modest and small town centre, being Dorothy Perkins and Boots. Off me, my friend and her daughter went with our stack of post-its and played our part in the post-it revolution 2012.

Placing the Post-Its and Noticing their Removal

So, I stuck two post-its on the window of Dorothy Perkins, as you can see, and noticed they were removed within about five minutes. Feeling it as my civil duty to tell people what was going on, I went into the store and told one of the shoppers that if they bought something, they would be financing Philip Greene’s new yacht. That’s all we did. Nothing scary, nothing dangerous, nothing that could, I guess, be classed as aggressive or illegal.
What Happened Next

Me, my friend and her daughter went into a sandwich shop and noticed a security guard standing outside, seemingly just waiting there. My friend already said that it looked as if he was waiting for me. And indeed, as soon as I stepped out, he came up to me and said it seemed we had a problem. He asked what we were doing at Dorothy Perkins and I told him what I’ve said above, as well as explaining why and where we had gotten our information from. His response was that in today’s day and age of riots and other problems, the shop assistants at Dorothy Perkins felt threatened and had called him. What really? Funnily enough, at that exact moment, a group of young athletes started giving a boxing demonstration. I asked the security guard whether they would get a warning too. After all, isn’t boxing a whole lot more aggressive than a post-it? Unless you’re petrified of paper cuts, obviously.
The Right to Peaceful Protest

Me and my friend immediately stated that we felt we had the right to peaceful protest. Evidently not so. Billingham town centre is completely privately owned and hence, we have no rights at all. We are in private property, rather than public property. Now, we have since found out that some of the regeneration of the town centre is sponsored by the Council, does that suddenly give us the right to protest again? If you know, please let me know!!!!

  1. chris short says:

    we have the right to peaceful protest , it doesnt matter who the centre is owned by . Shame on Billingham !!!!!!!! and i wont be shopping at Boots again or Dotty P’s anymore thats for sure

    • jolande1 says:

      We’re looking into what our rights are. It’s not looking particularly good at the minute in terms of having the right to protest unfortunately. Will keep you posted!

  2. jolande1 says:

    Update! Check this out, it’s not just me who’s targeting good old Mr Greene :):):)

  3. OMG I am so not happy …research must be done!

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