Were Elvis and Jesus one and the same person?

Posted: September 4, 2012 in controversy, featured, peace and love
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Queue Twilight Zone Music – Did Jesus Prophesise the Coming of the King?

For years now, biblical students have tried their hardest to understand the relationship between two people who have inspired the West more than anybody else. These two people, as you may have guessed, are Elvis and Jesus. You may not have thought that there was a link between the two, but it is time to start your Twilight Zone music, because there seems to actually be quite a lot of evidence of divine intertwining between these two iconic people. Besides the fact that they were both loved and died well before their time, obviously. Read on for some shocking evidence.

The First Evidence

Remember that in the words of Jesus, we are supposed to help our neighbour? Well, Elvis told us to not be cruel. Basically the same think. Also, Jesus was the Lord’s shepherd. Elvis only went and dated Cybill Shepherd! Jesus is a member of the holy trinity, and the first band Elvis played in was called Trio. Elvis was able to walk on water and Elvis was a very good surfer. Both Jesus and Elvis said that the drinks were on them, although Jesus said it in a slightly more prophetic manner. Both Elvis and Jesus were Capricorns. Matthew was one of the people who wrote a biography of Jesus, just as Neil Matthews wrote one of Elvis. It is said that the countenance of Jesus was just like lightning and also that his raiment was white as snow. Just like Elvis’s jumpsuits that were snow white and had lightning bolts printed on it. Now think of this one! Jesus live in a near eastern land, in a state of Grace. Where did Elvis live? In Graceland, which is nearly an eastern state. Jesus was conceived through Immaculate Conception to. Priscilla Presley went to the Immaculate Conception school. Jesus was none other than the Lamb of God. Elvis’ sideburns were in mutton chop design. The father of Jesus is everywhere, just like the drifter that Elvis’ father was. Jesus, by profession, was a carpenter, and Elvis loved wood shop in school. Do you know what the H in Jesus H Christ stands for? Do you know if Elvis’ middle name is Aron or Aaron? And also, Jesus said that men should not live on just bread. Elvis loved bread with bananas and peanut butter.

Still Not Convinced?

If you want more, you’re in luck. Elvis is an anagram for “evils”, “lives” and “viles”. The big thing though, is that Jesus isn’t an anagram, nor is Presley! But! If you use the letters in Jesus Christ, you get such things as “rich justess”, “chess jurist”, “such sister J” (believed to be one of Elvis’ friends), “such jest, sir” and “sterjc sushi” (which is a chess finger food by the way). Elvis Presley is an anagram for all sorts of other things that could easily be related to Jesus.

And there is more still! Both “Graceland” and “Christmas” have eight letters. They share three common letters, being R, A and C, which spells both “car” and “arc”. And the biggest evidence of them all has to be that Elvis and Jesus have never once been seen in the same place at the same time! You make the connection yourself, but it seems pretty clear that there is a huge link between the two. Jesus is our King, but then so is Elvis. Let’s also not forget that although Elvis was a Christian, he spent a long time studying other religions. Just like Jesus, who allegedly spent quite a number of years studying other religions in India and Tibet.

It should be clear to anybody. Elvis Jesus, Jesus Elvis, if not one and the same person, they are at the very least intricately related.

  1. Poetry says:

    Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all folks you really realize what you are talking about!

  2. ag bridges says:

    in about 2000 years time, if humanity is still around and hasn’t descending into total annhilation or become planet of the apes style mute savages, they will be worshipping elvis as jesus. there will be prayer mats, elvis prostate on a statue of a toilet, churches will have toilet chains hanging from walls…..hey and don’t forget the virgin link…..jesus was born of one and elvis liked white pantied virgin girls……..graceland…..holygraceland…….memphis….there’s the egypt connection right there……..elvis did die and was resurrected….in las vegas in 1968….which coincidently in in a desert….the king of the jews?…thte king of rock n roll….far too many biblical references/coincidences…

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